Divine Intervention for Twin Flames and Soulmates

Divine intervention for twin flames and soulmates can only do so much.


The individuals, however, will react to that meeting any way they choose.

As a matter of fact, twin flames and soulmates can make horrible choices right from day one. Initially they may deny the connection even exists. Down the line they may run away from their twin flame or soulmate. They may have such bad relationship skills they repeat bad behavior from past toxic relationships.

Divine intervention will not get soulmates and twin flames to behave appropriately and respect the connection between them. That’s the responsibility of each individual. Soulmates and twin flames can cause damage to the relationship, and hurt one another, when they refuse to accept and honor their spiritual connection. The universe allows them to make their choices through free will, and learn the hard way if need be.

Divine intervention can assist with showing the twin flames and soulmates signs or nudging them in the right direction. But the universe can only do so much. It would be wonderful if divine intervention could insure that these couples do the right things and learn their lessons. It would be wonderful if the universe made sure that all soulmate and twin flames stay together and have wonderful relationships.

But the universe cannot do that…

We as individuals have free will. The universe can supply the lessons and the tools, but if we choose not to follow our spiritual path and grow, that’s on us. The universe will not do the work for us. We have to earn the reward. There is no cheat sheet. You have to earn it honestly and do the work yourself.

Divine Intervention for Twin Flames and Soulmates
Divine Intervention for Twin Flames and Soulmates

Too many people believe the universe gives them a soulmate or twin flame and they’re entitled to having one, regardless of what they do. How wrong they are. The universe is not a matchmaker, setting up couples for strictly romantic purposes. The deeper reason for these connections is the spiritual evolution and awakening they provide. Many people, including us, believe you can’t be a twin flame until you’ve learned your soulmate lessons.

Soulmates learn the lessons and then go on to twin flame relationships to apply those lessons. Twin flames rely on divine intervention to meet their twin flame. They don’t require, or expect more, divine intervention after that.

Soulmates often need more divine intervention because they need more help and assistance on their soulmate journey. Twin flames, on the other hand, have one another for any assistance they may need. (We know everyone doesn’t have the same beliefs, so choose whatever label resonates with you.)

Soulmates and twin flames need to take control where they can.

That means keeping their focus on themselves and the growth they need to achieve. They may need to let go of the relationship for the time being and stop trying to help their partner or force them to learn their lessons. They need to understand they can’t control their partner, only themselves.

Each of us has our own path, and our own journey, to complete. As long as we remain focused on doing what we as individuals need to do, the universe will have our backs.

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