Why Twin Flame Runners Run

Twin flame runners run for many reasons. If you’re on a twin flame journey, either you or your partner may become a runner. Twin flame runners are really very common.


Here are what we believe are the main reasons twin flames will run from the connection.

1. Your twin flame is not ready to express to you what they’re experiencing.

The twin flame connection can be very overwhelming and confusing. Instead of talking to you about it, they question and analyze what’s happening between and why. They can’t figure it out themselves, so they run away from it, and you.

2. Your twin flame is aware of your connection and is afraid to tell you the truth.

Rather than tell you, to your face, they’re confused, overwhelmed, scared and what have you, they run. And then they ghost you. They don’t want to express their fears so they don’t say anything.

Not only that, but they’re afraid you’ll see right through their lame reason for ending your relationship or needing time away from you. So yes, some twin flame runners run and cut you off completely with no way to communicate with them. And this is a truly horrible experience for the twin flame on the receiving end of this.

3. They’re not ready for a serious relationship.

Very few people are truly ready for the twin flame experience or the level of seriousness of the relationship. Not that this is a good excuse, mind you.

You can’t casually date a twin flame. The feelings are too intense! And because their feelings are serious, very quickly, twin flames are aware this won’t be a fling. They know this could be a life long relationship. Some twin flames aren’t even looking for a twin flame.

This is all so new to them and it scares them. Or they just got out of a bad relationship and are freaked out at the thought of getting into another serious relationship right away. So instead, they choose to run for the hills.

4. They are in another relationship.

They may have been miserable for a long time, but they chose to stay in this other relationship. It could be because of children or financial reasons. Perhaps they choose to settle and figure there wasn’t anything else better for them out there.

Whatever the reason, they have no plans to make such a drastic change in their life. They were thrilled with your connection when you met, it opened up a world of possibilities for a future with you. But when push came to shove, they chickened out and ran instead.

5. Some twin flames convince themselves the relationship won’t last.

Why Twin Flame Runners Run
Why Twin Flame Runners Run

They don’t think the feelings will stay the same, or grow, over time. And so they think about taking this twin flame journey, only to have the relationship fall apart.

This also coincides with the 4th reason above, about leaving their current relationship. They have a false belief it won’t last between the two of you. So they run away and stay with their current partner, knowing it will never be a truly satisfying relationship.

6. They meet when they’re very young.

If twin flames meet really early in their lives, one twin may run because they don’t believe they should settle down at their current age. This is why many, many twin flames reunite, and even meet, later in life.

Of course, twin flames who meet when they’re young may very well never run, but this is one of the more common reasons they do run. They want to experience life first. And they want to ensure they don’t miss out on opportunities for their career and life experiences before they make a major commitment.

7. Past toxic relationships.

If you twin flame hasn’t healed from past toxic relationships, they may run from you and back to that toxic relationship! We realize this sounds crazy but is shocking how often this happens. They feel they don’t deserve you and what you offer.

They believe they deserve the toxic relationship because it’s what they’re used to and what they know. And they worry they can’t do better, and be better, with you. They’re terrified of rejection from you and from being in a failure in a relationship where they have to put forth true effort.

8. Denial.

Most twin flames are thrilled with the connection when you first meet. They discover this magical, wonderful connection to someone. But then, out of nowhere, they question if it’s actually a good thing. And this of course leads them to denying the connection. So they run off and end the relationship.

They may even try to convince you the connection isn’t real. Well, they really don’t believe that and neither should you. Unfortunately, no amount of convincing on your part is going to do much good at this point. They need to figure it out themselves. Remember no matter how far they run, the connection goes with them. This is their issue to deal with and at some point they’re going to have to.

9. Losing control of their emotion.

A lot of people are only comfortable when they feel in control of their emotions. But when you meet your twin flame there’s no way to stay in control of your mind and your emotions.

You think about them all the time, and not only that, your feelings develop at warp speed. They say “this love is like nothing I ever experienced before.” Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well to some, it is scary. Really scary.

They never considered their emotions could reach levels like this. What is happening to them? It really scares them and makes them uncomfortable when they think about it. So the flight or flight mechanism kicks in and they kick off for the hills.

10.  Twin flames are rarely at the same point on their spiritual path when they meet.

Some twin flames are not ready, or feel they’re not ready, to take the next steps on their spiritual path. They’re not ready to embrace the opportunities for change and growth. So instead they run and choose to stay stuck. It make take some time for them to be ready to meet you on your twin flame journey.

Many twin flame runners do return after a period of personal and spiritual growth. Only then do they have the ability to maintain and sustain this strong spiritual union.

Have you experienced your twin flame running? Please take a moment to share your experiences with others in the comments below.

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