Waiting for Change in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

Waiting for change without doing anything to create change is a waste of time.

Waiting for change from a soulmate or twin flame will only make things worse. The two of you create the dynamic between the two of you. It is not only one person’s doing. One introduces the behavior and the other reacts to it. If you accept bad behavior, it will continue.

You may think you’re reacting properly. If behavior doesn’t change, you have to do things differently on your end. Waiting around is not going to do anything. You have already seen that for yourself. Being proactive is the way to create change. Right now you are probably frustrated that it has not happened. We get it.


Waiting for Change in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships
Waiting for Change in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

It’s extremely frustrating, waiting for change, especially when you’re not seeing any real changes. And waiting also makes you feel hopeless and helpless as you exist in limbo not knowing what will happen. It makes you feel as though you have zero power. You feel there’s nothing you can do to get your soulmate or twin flame to make changes to improve your relationship.

But that is not the truth. The truth is, the same connection that allows you to wait for your spiritual partner to change goes both ways.

Your partner has relied on your connection to keep you around even though they haven’t been making the changes you want them to. Well, it’s time to turn the tables. Why is your partner the only one that has faith in your connection? Shouldn’t you have the same faith in your connection?


You may be thinking that your soulmate or twin flame doesn’t feel the same way about you that you feel about them. You probably think if they did they would make those changes for you to make you happy. That simply isn’t true. Your spiritual counterpart isn’t changing because they don’t believe they have to make changes to keep you. And who taught them that? You did.

You don’t take your happiness seriously, so why should they? If all you do about it is talk or argue, they won’t believe it’s that important to you. Talk is cheap. It’s not enough to make someone see the serious nature of what you want or need. You aren’t doing anything about it, so they don’t do anything about it either.

Why should your happiness be more important to them than it is to you? Because it sounds romantic? That’s just not realistic.

It’s up to you to express your feelings about everything. The thing is, talking about them is not always enough to really convey what you’re feeling. So stop just talking about it, be ready to do something about it. And if you are not ready to do something about it, don’t expect your partner to do something about it either.

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