Vulnerability for Twin Flames and Soulmates

Vulnerability for twin flames and soulmates often goes hand in hand because their journey can come with major drama.

With every relationship you must allow yourself to be vulnerable to the other person. As your feelings grow, you naturally become more vulnerable to them. To be vulnerable to someone makes you susceptible to the pain and hurt they cause by hurting your feelings.

It means you allow yourself to be yourself. Showing them who you really are, warts and all. Having the freedom to show your true emotions, and taking the risk, you may get hurt. It’s a scary thing, and not everyone is willing to take the plunge for fear they may drown in the process.


When soulmates and twin flames meet there is immediate vulnerability and they often ride the wave of emotion. Everything feels right, and everything is going right. They just allow themselves to be free with their actions, words and feelings.

It all just comes pouring out of them, words, affection, you name it! They’re riding high on cloud nine, in a state of perpetual bliss. Yet the fantasy comes to a screeching halt when their mind wakes up and starts asking questions.

They begin to question their connection and wonder if it really can last. Is it normal to be feeling so much so fast for a person they just met? They begin to fear what will happen if their soulmate leaves them.

It’s scary to think about how badly they could get hurt. They begin to resent the loss of control they have over their emotions and how fast they are growing and how quickly the relationship is moving.


They don’t want to feel vulnerable anymore. What used to create a sense of joy, is now terrifying. It’s become something they may no longer want to be a part of.

Vulnerability for Twin Flames and Soulmates
Vulnerability for Twin Flames and Soulmates

So, they become a twin flame or soulmate runner. They may deny the connection exists or ever existed. All communication ceases, they may ghost you and may date other people.

The vulnerability for twin flames and soulmates is now the enemy.

They do everything in their power to prove to the world and to themselves that they are vulnerable to no one. This is emotionally devastating to say the least, but this doesn’t last in most cases.

No matter how hard a soulmate or twin flame tries to pretend they’re not vulnerable, they are. No matter how much distance they put between themselves and their partner, they remain in their heart and stay in their thoughts, no matter how hard they tried to push them out.

When they realize this, and accept it for themselves, they return to their soulmate or twin flame. They have a twin flame or soulmate reunion and are now both free to be themselves and enjoy, fully, the connection they share.

Now they embrace the connection and take from it all the joy and love it offers.

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