Taking Risks in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

Taking risks in soulmate and twin flame relationships is not always wise.

All relationships have an element of risk. Some soulmates and twin flames who are in union may be ready, willing and able to take any risk. Yet the other partner may be extremely hesitant.

Why is that? Why are both members of a soulmate or twin flame couple not always ready to take the risk to pursue a relationship?


Well for one thing, many people don’t believe in soulmates and twin flames. They have no idea what they are. And even if they’ve heard of them, they don’t believe they have one. So when they encounter a soulmate or twin flame, they tend to flip out. They have zero preparation for this experience and don’t know how to handle it. This is one of the most common reasons why they handle it so badly.

Nothing makes sense to them, especially feeling so much for someone so soon. They feel completely out of control and don’t like it one bit. So instead of going with the flow and enjoying the connection and it’s intensity, they run from it. They feel the risk is too great.

They’re not comfortable with feelings at this level. They may be ready to take the risk down the road, but for right now, they want out.


Getting hurt in previous relationships often compels some people to want to take every new relationship slow. They proceed with caution and are adverse to taking risks for fear of getting hurt. This makes sense and is a wise decision.

Taking Risks in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships
Taking Risks in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

However, with twin flame and soulmate relationships the trajectory is fast. Really, really fast!! Feelings, and the intensity of those feelings, come quickly and strongly. Right from the initial meeting their emotions are on overdrive. It’s very hard to stop a whirlwind when you’re in it. Sure, you can slow it down to a certain degree, but not entirely.

Many soulmates and twin flames suddenly will slam on the brakes. You see this happen quite often with soulmates and twin flames. Things are going wonderfully, both seem to be on the same page then poof! Everything stops just as quickly as it starts.

One, or both partners, decide the pain they could feel from this union would be worse than any prior relationship. So rather than waiting for a shoe to drop they pull the shoe off themselves. And then fling it as far away as they can!


People don’t want to risk the pain of losing their soulmate or twin flame down the road. It may sound stupid, but they think it is better to end things now. They feel they need to get out while they still can. There’s a feeling of losing control and they’re very uncomfortable with it.

This doesn’t make sense to most people, but so many do this to their spiritual partner. They ghost their partner, blocking them from calls, texts, social media and seeing one another face to face. Also, they may not even tell their partner the real reason they’re doing this. Actually this happens in most cases, and they give a lame excuse instead.

To these folks, this is their reaction to their fear of getting hurt in the worst way possible. Since they end up hurting anyway, they usually return to their soulmate or twin flame later on. It’s very hard for the other partner that’s ready to jump right into the relationship to understand. The truth is, not everyone is fearless when it comes to love and being in spiritual union with someone.

Even those welcoming a soulmate or twin flame union are surprised and spooked by how intense it all is on many levels. Keep in mind though, that in many cases, taking that leap of faith and accepting the risks involved is one of the lessons they may need to learn. Keep in mind though, not everyone is a fast learner.

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