Soulmates and Twin Flames Play Games Too

Soulmates and twin flames play games too when it comes to their relationships.

People play games with their partner in any kind of relationship. These games are very hard for the one being played to see. Clever forms of manipulation divert attention away from the game itself.

Nine times out of ten the one playing games turns it around on their partner. The one being manipulated is so busy trying to defend themselves, or apologize, that they don’t see the game.

Many people believe soulmates and twin flames would never play games, so it is even harder for them to see the truth. When we use the term played we don’t mean that in reference to cheating alone.


Soulmates and twin flames tend to take things very literally. Because they’re so open and honest with their partner, they expect the same in return. So when their soulmate or twin flame tells them anything, they take it as the truth.

Well it isn’t always the truth. Soulmates and twin flames can get jealous too. They can be insecure, controlling, you name it. Now they shouldn’t, but they are human like everyone else. Surely the universe wants them to address those issues and change. However, rather than learn the lesson, they may resort to that kind of behavior.

So if a soulmate or twin flame insults the other they most likely take it very seriously. They really believe their partner really feels that way. But that is not always the case. Those words can all be part of a game they’re playing. They may want their partner to be insecure, or they purposely pick a fight.

How soulmates and twin flames play games…

Let’s say Rob wants to go out with his friends on a Friday night. However, he already has plans with his partner Joann to have dinner with her family. Rob wants to hang out with his friends. So leading up to Friday Rob is very abrasive and makes a mountain out of a molehill about every little thing.

Soulmates and Twin Flames Play Games Too
Soulmates and Twin Flames Play Games Too

Come Friday, Joann asks Rob to take out the trash. Rob blows up and calls Joann controlling, gets angry and storms out. He does not go to Joann’s parents house and hangs out with his friends. He and Joann talk on Sunday and get back together.

Now Joann believes they’ve been fighting all week long. That led to an even bigger fight because he thinks she’s controlling. Joann is really missing the fact her partner was playing a game the entire time. Rob purposely picked fights and had a crappy attitude all week. No matter what she did on Friday he was going to find a way to get mad at her so he could hang out with his friends. And that’s exactly what he did. Joann has no clue.

Since Rob is the winner of this game, and didn’t come out as the bad guy, guess what’s going to happen in the future? Rob is going to play this game again for sure.


Soulmates and twin flames can also play games by testing the strength of the connection. Instead of having faith and believing in their union, they test it over and over.

For example, let’s say Brian has a problem believing this amazing relationship will last. He’s deathly afraid of being hurt because he’s been badly hurt before. Instead of dealing with that issue by itself, Brian tests his partner to see how much he can get away with.

Now Brian may lie, break promises, cheat, or do any number of things that can sabotage the relationship. Each time he is easily forgiven but it simply isn’t enough to get rid of that fear. So he does it again. And again. Now his partner starts to question whether or not the connection is real. They believe a spiritual partner wouldn’t treat them this badly and risk losing them.

So now both of them have issues coming from fear. They’re both insecure and it’s damaging their relationship. It’s so important to be realistic, not just romantic, when it comes to soulmates and twin flames. Games can be played in any relationship and unless you recognize them, the games will continue at the expense of the relationship.

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