Soulmate and Twin Flame Runners

Soulmate and twin flame runners can be fairly common in spiritual relationships. Many people are unaware of soulmate and twin flame runners and are caught off guard when it happens.

It can happen to any couple in spiritual union. You would think the stronger the connection, the less chance there would be of one of the partners running. Not true. Quite often, it’s the exact opposite. The stronger the connection, the more it overwhelms them, and so they run from it


For varying reasons, soulmates and twin flames freak out and distance themselves from their partners. Sometimes it’s because they’re not ready to accept the connection. Or they may even reject the idea of soulmates and twin flames altogether.

Another reason is because they need to challenge and test the connection to prove that it’s real. They experience an uncomfortable lack of control over their emotions and thoughts. So they think blocking out their soulmate or twin flame will make the connection go away.

One of the main reasons they choose to run is because they don’t want to go through the personal growth inherent in spiritual relationships. Since soulmates and twin flames mirror each other, they encounter things about themselves, or their lifestyle, they need to change. Runners resist making changes and instead run like hell.

The reasons for soulmate and twin flame runners are endless. It really depends on the couple and the details of their soulmate or twin flame blueprint. This blueprint defines the lessons and experiences required from this union. Don’t be surprised if your spiritual partner runs away when you least expect it.

Soulmate and Twin Flame Runners
Soulmate and Twin Flame Runners


And it will be when you least expect it. Everything will be going great, with no arguing at all. The relationship is drama free and moving along smoothly. They are saying all the right things, but out of nowhere vanish into thin air, or start arguing with you about really silly things.

Your soulmate or twin flame will then ghost you. They won’t text or call you back. In addition, they will probably block you on social media. It will appear as if they’re trying to erase your existence in their life. This is one of the most challenging situations for many soulmates and twin flames.

The one who is ghosted is consumed with anxiety wondering what they did or said wrong to create this. They worry they will never hear from their soulmate and twin flame again and feel heartbreak and emotional devastation. Were they being played or lied to the entire time? They feel stupid for falling so hard and believing everything was perfect. And obsessing about it daily pushes them into depression.


You are not alone. This is not a rare occurrence. It’s not the time for you to freak out and do something stupid. This is not the time to force a meeting or to try to convince them of anything. And please, don’t chase after them. This is a time for you to do as little as possible. Otherwise you’ll make it worse, even if you think it could make it better. The bottom line is, you can’t.

A soulmate or twin flame runner has their own issues to deal with. They’re choosing to deal with them without you. That’s okay. Sometimes the lessons required by the universe have to be learned when we’re alone. Let them do what they need to do. Focus on your lessons, and always, ALWAYS retain your dignity.

The time soulmates and twin flames spend apart really can set the stage for the relationship they can have in the future. Just because your partner runs away doesn’t mean you won’t hear from them again. That’s rarely the case. You need to prepare yourself for when they do return, because letting them back into your life with no questions asked or consequences can be a big huge mistake.

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  1. This article is very eye opening! I am going through something similar to this with my soulmate. It is very, very frustrating.


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