Rejection in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

Rejection in soulmate and twin flame relationships difficult to deal with.

Being rejected by a soulmate or twin flame can happen for several different reasons.


One of the top reasons for rejection by a soulmate or twin flame is due to out of control emotions. The level of vulnerability they suddenly face is simply too much for them. They believe they’re taking too great a risk. So in an effort to regain control they resort to rejecting the connection.

They may completely stop talking to their spiritual counterpart. They refuse to say anything or respond to anything. They’ll also block their soulmate or twin flame from their phone and all social media.

Speaking in person will of course go by the wayside. If they do communicate, they will either be cold as ice or incredibly hostile and nasty. This is so very devastating to the one on the receiving end.


To reject a soulmate or twin flame is to reject the spiritual connection. They will act as if there was nothing special between them. They’ll show they truly don’t feel the same way their partner feels towards them. They will say there’s no connection and that it’s all one-sided. Then they’ll push them away and withdraw as far as they can.

Rejection in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships
Rejection in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

In cases like this, the best thing to do is leave them the hell alone. It’s so simple but so many people can’t do it. You can’t fix this or change it. It’s not within your power. It lies entirely with them.

If you look in the mirror that exists between soulmates and twin flames, you’ll see you’re both trying to gain control. But in the end, you’re both wasting your time. They need to let go of wanting to be in control, and so do you.

Until you learn your lesson and leave them be, they won’t learn theirs. So knock it off. We understand it’s hard, but you need to understand you’re making things harder on yourself.


Another example of rejection in spiritual partnerships is when one feels the need to test the connection. They will constantly test the strength of your union by doing the worst things possible.

You may experience them lying about big things, like being in another relationship. Then they may go over the top, saying the most hurtful and horrible things, pick fights and act like a drama queen or king. You may see them cheat or go back to an ex that they hate to continue a dysfunctional relationship. All these things they do are tests to see what they can get away with.

If you let them get away with it, you both fail. The relationship fails. So of course you realize you have to pass these tests by putting a boot up their ass. Set the bar high and keep it high. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in a soulmate or twin flame relationship where you wind up feeling sad, misery, anger and frustration.

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