Red Flags for Soulmates and Twin Flames

Red flags for soulmates and twin flames shouldn’t be taken lightly or ignored.

There are of course the red flags, or soulmate or twin flame signs, that validate someone is indeed your twin flame or soulmate. These aren’t the red flags we’re referring to. In this article we’re addressing warnings you need to take seriously.


These red flags come at pivotal moments for soulmates and twin flames. They signify a crossroads, or turning point, in the relationship. These red flags are make it or break it time. Recognizing these warnings is important.

Then you must be aware of the choices you make once they appear. It’s those choices that are going to chart the path of your relationship. Good choices will lead to growth individually and within the relationship. Bad choices will lead to bad patterns of behavior both individually and within the relationship.

They represent the time in your relationship to either rise up and grow or sink to levels you never have before. The wise choice would be to rise up and grow, knowing so will your relationship. It should be common sense that if you sink to lower level behaviors, your relationship is not exactly going to improve.

For some reason, most spiritual partners seem unaware of just how serious these red flags are. And they’re equally unaware of the choices they make. So the impact is huge. Dynamics of behavior are being developed, and if poor choices are made, bad dynamics will become the norm.

Red Flags for Soulmates and Twin Flames
Red Flags for Soulmates and Twin Flames

So what does a red flag for soulmates and twin flames even look like? Here are some examples.


When you meet someone all the soulmate and twin flame signs are there. The problem is, they’re not ready and willing to accept the connection. They’re in a state of denial. So this is a red flag. If you try to convince them, over and over again, that two of you are connected, you’re choosing the wrong path. It’s fine to let them know how you feel, once. Over and over again? No.

Chasing after them, repeatedly telling them what they don’t want to hear, is not what you should be doing. The lesson is theirs to learn, not for you to teach. It’s not for you to try to control or to force. Now is the time for you to show strength, not weakness, in what you know and feel to be true.

By catering to their weakness, you’re showing your own. If you truly have faith in the connection, you wouldn’t need to chase them. Of course you’re disappointed by their reaction to your connection, but you should have faith they will accept it at some point.

You would be patient, even though it sucks.

There would be inner peace in the knowing the universe brought you together for a reason. You would know the universe would do more than you ever could to teach your partner the truth about your connection.

Has your partner started sabotaging your relationship? That’s a red flag. Soulmate or twin flame withdrawing from you? Another read flag. The list goes on and on. No matter what the red flag is, you need have the right mindset.

Your fears, ego, and insecurities should not get in the way. Don’t be afraid of losing them by doing the right thing. Never reward bad behavior. If you don’t have faith in the connection, you can’t expect your partner to have faith in it either. Every choice you make sets the relationship on a different path. Choose wisely because soulmate and twin flame relationships are not easy to begin with.

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