Need a Time Out from Your Twin Flame or Soulmate?

Need a time out from your twin flame or soulmate?

Has your relationship failed to take off or gotten stuck in a rut? Are you constantly at a stalemate with certain issues that seem to never get resolved? Is your spiritual partner taking too long to learn their lessons or make necessary changes? Have you been taking for granted, pushed to your limit, and feel like giving up?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, it sounds like you need a time out.


There’s nothing wrong with needing some space once in a while to clear your head. Time apart can help give you and your partner the ability to see things from another perspective. Sadly, bad behaviors in relationships can become habitual behavior.

Taking a time out can help to keep them from becoming a pattern and permanent part of your relationship. Even soulmates and twin flames can have dysfunctional relationships. Repeatedly behaving badly causes dysfunctional dynamics in a relationship.

Your twin flame or soulmate relationship may be in need of a time out. Separating, even temporarily may seem like a scary and drastic measure. Sometimes, though, it’s the best thing you can do to stop these unhealthy patterns. Not engaging in toxic behavior is always the smartest thing to do.


When someone wants to engage you in unhealthy drama, it’s best not to participate. There’s no way to win when someone chooses to make things worse. The best thing you can do is stop them from achieving their goal of bringing you down to their level.

When someone has veered off their spiritual path, the instinct is to try to pull them back on it. It may be the wrong thing to do, and as hard as it is, you need to let them run their course. Don’t go along for the ride with them. Take the time out. It will be hard, but not as hard as it would be if you continued to engage with them.

Need a Time Out from Your Twin Flame or Soulmate?
Need a Time Out from Your Twin Flame or Soulmate?

When someone wants to sabotage your relationship, they will get it done. And no matter what you try, you cannot stop them. Tell them you feel you both need a time out. Then make your exit.

You can remove yourself from arguments that are going nowhere with a time out. You can show them you’re serious about an ultimatum by staying away from them for a period of time.
During this time apart, they may try to make contact with you in a negative way.

Refuse to acknowledge it and don’t let them push your buttons. Don’t reward bad behavior with attention. Ignore it. Block them for a while if you have to. Until they have come to their senses or are ready to take you seriously, leave them be. Give them time to think about what they have done, and what they could lose. A time out will let their anger dissipate. Give them time to worry that they may finally pushed you to far.


When they get to that state of mind, progress between the two of you can begin. One time out may not solve all your relationship problems. You may need to do it several times before they realize this will be your way of handling them from here on out.

There is now a change in the dynamic between the two of you. And it is more mature and includes consequences to bad behavior. This was a lesson you both learned.

A time out doesn’t need to be forever.

Of course people have a problem using time outs for fear they may become permanent. This fear causes a lot of people to enable their twin flame or soulmate to mistreat them. That enabling will never make your relationship better. You’re only prolonging the inevitable. The relationship is just going to get worse and a separation will happen anyway.

So don’t let it get to that point, do something productive and try taking a time out. It may be exactly what your twin flame or soulmate relationship needs.

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