Love Triangles in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

Soulmate and twin flame loves triangles involve a lot of melodrama. Then again, any relationship involving more than two people usually does.

This is not at all what the universe intends for a spiritual partnership. These situations shouldn’t be part of a twin flame or soulmate journey.

Unfortunately, they often are. Once it happens, the relationship is no longer traveling on a spiritual path.


There are two main types of twin flame and soulmate love triangles. Both types will prevent the twin flame or soulmate relationship from moving forward. It’s a way to keep the relationship at the same level, without a forward trajectory. To accomplish this, a partner will bring another person into the mix.

Instead of addressing the real issue, they may say they’re unsure of their feelings. They may claim confusion or say they’re not sure of what they really want. This also confuses the two other people involved as well. Here are some examples of how and why these twin flame or soulmate love triangles happen in the first place.


This love triangle is created so you will compete for your soulmate or twin flames affections. Let’s say you and your partner keep breaking up because of an ex who keeps coming into the picture. The ex causes a break-up so they can get back together.

But then your soulmate or twin flame comes back to you. So now you have an on/off relationship. This classifies as a love triangle because they’re only keeping the ex around to keep your relationship from becoming serious. That is not to say you don’t have serious feelings for one another.

What we’re saying is the partner does this to avoid stepping up to the plate. This could mean they’re avoiding the two of you getting engaged, married, or moving in with one another. Some people have issues with commitment and this is a good way to not commit to either of you.


Another example is when soulmates and twin flames meet, but one or both are in other relationships. They still want to pursue a relationship with you even though they’re not single. In doing so, they create a love triangle. The sensible thing would be to end the other relationship so the two of you can pursue your relationship.

Love Triangles in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships
Love Triangles in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

However, for whatever reason, they stay in both relationships. Again, this is a situation where fear is the dominant motivation. They could be afraid of how bad a divorce or break-up will be, so they put it off as long as they can. They create one excuse after another why they can’t end their other relationship.

So instead they’re cheating on someone as well as doing damage to their relationship with you. There is a reason you entered their life when they were with someone else. That relationship already passed it’s expiration date but they remained. So the universe threw you together to speed up the process.


No one wants to find themselves in a twin flame or soulmate love triangle. They’re never fun. So how can a person avoid it?

First of all, don’t get into one. If you’re aware your soulmate or twin flame is involved with someone else, wait it out. Create a boundary upfront. Let them know a relationship with you will not start until their other relationship ends. Yes, it is hard. But it’s much easier than being in a love triangle! Remember that dating a soulmate or twin flame before they’re divorced can be an emotional roller coaster.

Secondly, don’t move too fast with a soulmate or twin flame who recently ended a long-term relationship. You have all the time in the world, so take it slow. This will also create the foundation for a respectful, honest, mature relationship.

This is much better than starting out with deceit, lies, cheating and all the other bad behaviors that come with it. It also helps both soulmates and twin flames create change in their lives right away, rather than add to what is already going wrong.

Perhaps you’re already in a love triangle situation. You need to either remove yourself from the equation or the other party has to go. Until the relationship becomes a duo, rather than a trio, their will always be friction, hurt feelings, and resentment.

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