Leaving a Bad Relationship for Soulmates or Twin Flames

Leaving a bad relationship, hoping to make it better, sounds like a drastic thing to do. It is.

However, sometimes relationships become so toxic it’s the only thing left to do. Many people don’t believe a soulmate or twin flame relationship can get that bad. We assure you, they can. And they will if the couple fails to learn the lessons for their spiritual and personal growth.

Leaving a bad relationship, for soulmate or twin flames, is something many people are unwilling to do.

They feel more comfortable staying in a bad relationship hoping it will get better. Leaving a soulmate or twin flame is out of the question for many people. But what if leaving a bad relationship is the only way to save it? What if leaving is the right thing to do, or the only thing to do, to create positive change?


We understand this may seem like a foreign concept to many people. How can leaving a bad relationship actually be a productive thing?

Because it can shift the power in the relationship dynamic, for one thing. Secondly, it can teach both partners something of value.

People are afraid to end a bad relationship with a soulmate or twin flame because they believe it’s final. They may let someone break-up with them four hundred times and let them back 400 times. But they don’t think someone would let them back or want them back? If you ask us, that’s pretty ridiculous.

When you break the cycle by leaving a bad relationship, you take the power away from the partner who is abusing it. You’re also are creating a boundary and enforcing it. You are showing your self worth and demanding respect. Your partner will learn that if they want to be in a relationship with you, they better shape up.


You may end up leaving a bad relationship with a soulmate or twin flame because they won’t get with the program. How is it your fault you left? Because you no longer will accept mistreatment? Seriously? Are you implying your soulmate or twin flame is too stupid to know their behavior isn’t pushing you away? They have no idea that at some point you eventually might leave?

Leaving a Bad Relationship for Soulmates or Twin Flames
Leaving a Bad Relationship for Soulmates or Twin Flames

Your spiritual partner isn’t that stupid. They may be shocked when you leave, but they know you have every right to. They finally realize you have a limit! Congratulations! It’s about time you taught them that.

If you don’t believe your soulmate or twin flame will care if you leave, then you no longer believe you have a connection. You’re insecure. You believe they will be happy without you and move on quickly to someone else.

The relationship between the two of you has clearly gone off the spiritual path if that’s how you feel. Your partner deviated from the path with their bad behavior towards you. You then deviated off the path by allowing it over and over again. No wonder the relationship is stuck in a ditch and you’re insecure. This pattern has to be broken…and fast. You have to stop allowing this treatment and you need to do what you know is right.  


The longer you stay, the less respect your soulmate or twin flame will have for you. When you allow someone to treat you badly, it doesn’t make them respect you. Also, if doesn’t prove your love for them. It makes them see you as their victim.

They will see you as insecure, weak and pathetic. Is that who they fell in love with when you first met? Have you changed into someone neither you or your partner recognize? It’s time to take back your power and demand respect.

You may hope if you stick it out they’ll wake up one day and realize the error of their ways. Well, how many days have you wasted already trying to test your theory? What are you going to do to wake them up? Forget about waiting for something to be a wake up call to them. Someone needs to shake things up and that someone is you.

Sometimes leaving a bad relationship forces a partner to acknowledge to themselves how much they need you.

It will more than likely come as completely unexpected and will really get their attention. You may have been impatiently waiting for a soulmate or twin flame to leave their current partner. You have had fights about it, yet they always have an excuse.

Leaving this bad relationship situation can have miraculous results. Leaving may be the only thing required for them to finally pack up and leave or see an attorney. Having an affair or cheating is not a good relationship. It can’t be, because they are not 100% yours. This relationship involves sneaking around and lying.

So put it to an end so you can have a chance at a real relationship. One where there is no more lying or cheating and is just the two of you. Your relationship can’t move forward until it has one less person.

Leaving a bad relationship doesn’t mean you have to immediately file for divorce or pack your things and go. You can start at a level that is more comfortable, or financially realistic to you.

Start by simply taking away your attention.

They don’t have time for you and that has been an issue in your relationship? Stop asking for their attention. Fill your time with friends and family, hobbies, or anything that entertains you. When they finally decide to grace you with their time, don’t be available to them.

When you pull away something from a twin flame or soulmate that makes them feel wanted or needed, they don’t like it. However, it will show them they need to give back as well. It’s also a reminder that you need to be a priority, and that you won’t just be sitting around waiting for them.

When all else has failed, leaving a bad relationship could be the best thing that happens for the relationship. This may be the lesson your soulmate or twin flame needs to learn to move forward in a more positive and healthy way. You will have the opportunity to learn a few things as well, and the results will be for the better.


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