Has Your Soulmate or Twin Flame Been Hurt Before?

Was your soulmate or twin flame hurt in a previous relationship?

In some cases previous hurt will affect your relationship going forward. Being vulnerable again is a scary thing. It takes courage to open yourself up again.

If your soulmate or twin flame was hurt before meeting you, your connection may scare them. They know what they feel for you is intense and different from anyone else. They know what that kind of hurt feels like. Now it’s possible you could hurt them even more.

This very thought scares soulmates and twin flames more than you can imagine. It causes them to be more cautious as your relationship evolves. They try to set the pace and keep the relationship progress to a minimum. It’s a safety mechanism for them.


They fear emotional pain and want to do everything to lessen the risk. They may not be ready or willing to commit to someone right away for fear of getting serious too soon. They’re unwilling to deal with their feelings, acknowledge them or express them. Even soulmates and twin flames will act this way if past relationships hurt them. It actually makes sense, even though it’s tough to deal with.

Soulmates and twin flames who experience hurt before crossing paths with you feel they have no control. They can’t control deep feelings that surface nor allow themselves to get serious too quickly. Their brain is telling them this makes no sense and that you can’t possibly feel a connection to someone so quickly.

Has Your Soulmate or Twin Flame Been Hurt Before?
Has Your Soulmate or Twin Flame Been Hurt Before?

The ease at the beginning of a spiritual relationship can also feel too good to be true. Why is this person so easy to talk to? It’s unlike any prior relationship. It’s scary for people who’ve been badly hurt to feel optimistic about a new relationship.

All the plans they put in place to keep from suffering again aren’t working. They worry about emotionally investing in someone. They worry they will suffer more than ever if it doesn’t work out.


In many cases, they will sabotage the twin flame soulmate or relationship. They may run away from it, feeling like they must abandon their partner before things go sour. They’ll try to deny to themselves, and anyone who will listen, how they really feel.

They will even deny it to their soulmate or twin flame with a straight face. A damaged partner will try to minimize their initial feelings and take back things they once said.

Another tactic they may use is to suddenly say they no longer feel the same way about you. The connection itself is something they will outright deny ever existed. This will come as a great shock to the soulmate or twin flame on the receiving end.

Sound familiar? It’s sad to say but these things happen to many soulmate and twin flame couples. But don’t worry, all hope is not lost.

It doesn’t mean it’s over between you. It just means you may have to give them space for now. They need to put their issues to rest in order to experience a real relationship with you. It’s up to them to make the choice to either keep playing it safe, or to take the risk of a once in a lifetime relationship.

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  1. Mine went through a very toxic marriage that ended badly. They have been in therapy and it has helped but it is still hard for him to heal and unlearn bad behaviors.


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