False Soulmate Signs

A false soulmate relationship can be your worst nightmare. But a true soulmate relationship can fulfill all your dreams and expectations.

So many people want to meet their soulmate, so it’s easy for them to connect to a false soulmate without realizing it. Here are some warning signs that you may be with a false soulmate.


1. They manipulate you and are in control of your relationship.

Everything somehow is your fault, nothing is ever their fault. They gaslight you. You worry constantly they may end the relationship, yet they never worry about you ending it. They feel secure with you because of the love you consistently show them. You, however, are insecure because of their inconsistent words and behaviors.

2. The connection does not go both ways.

All spiritual connections go both ways, but a false soulmate honestly feels no connection with you. They aren’t in a state of denial, it’s just wishful thinking on your part. They may have wanted you to believe in the connection they created at the beginning, but it was all just smoke and mirrors. It was not real.

A false soulmate has an agenda in the beginning to get you on the hook. And only then does their true nature comes out. Who they are in the beginning is a facade. Don’t hold on hoping for things to go back to the way they were in the beginning.

3. No positive changes or growth for the both of you, only negative ones.

Since the beginning of the relationship, you both have changed for the worst. You now have lower self-esteem and less self-respect. And you tolerate bad behavior you wouldn’t take from anyone else. Instead of enforcing proper boundaries, you make excuses. Your relationship is no longer healthy.

4. They are a true Narcissist.

A narcissist cannot be a soulmate. There would be no point to it. All soulmate relationships have the chance to work out long-term. But it’s impossible to have a healthy long-term relationship with a narcissist. Quite often narcissists play the role of a soulmate to ensnare you, knowing all the while they’re just playing a game.

5. The relationship is superficial.

False Soulmate Signs
False Soulmate Signs

You may have great chemistry. And you may have some fun together. However, there’s not enough substance to the relationship to build a foundation for the future. The relationship is not serious and seems to be going nowhere. One of both of you are not on a spiritual path honoring a spiritual connection.

6. You are the giver, they are the taker.

They don’t reciprocate and take you for granted. You give more and more and receive less and less over time. If you weren’t holding the relationship together, it would fall apart completely. They have no desire to do their share and work as a team.

7. The relationship has become toxic and dysfunctional.

Of course some soulmate relationships can get dysfunctional. However, not all toxic or dysfunctional relationships are soulmates. Sometimes you’re just with the wrong person. Some people use the label of soulmates to excuse the toxicity of their relationship rather than fix it. Soulmates are rare, dysfunctional relationships are not.

8. You’re an emotional wreck most of the time.

Sure, you were happy in the beginning, but now you’re mostly fearful and nervous. You don’t feel secure, you’re afraid to speak up, and your mental and physical health is suffering.

Have you seen any of these signs with your partner? Please take a moment to comment below to share your experiences with others who read our posts.

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