Is Controlling Behavior Ruining Your Twin Flame or Soulmate Relationship?

Is controlling behavior ruining your twin flame or soulmate relationship? Do they make a habit of controlling every aspect of your relationship?

Having a control issues is pretty common in spiritual partnerships. Since the emotions of many soulmates and twin flames lack control, they seek it elsewhere in the relationship.


Some soulmates and twin flames are uncomfortable when they’re not in control of what they feel and think. So, they seek control elsewhere. They may want to decide what you wear, who you hang out with and how much time you spend at work. The controlling behaviors come from the desire to be in charge of everything and anything.

A controlling twin flame or soulmate will try to keep you away from friends and family. They want to be the only influence in your life. The best way to do that is to cut out your support system. They may even try to turn you against your friends and family or make you choose between your friends, family and them.

A controlling soulmate or twin flame believes their way is the right way. Furthermore, only their way of thinking or doing things is the right way. They will try to force you to do, say and think the way they want you to. Additionally, they may even resort to being overly critical of things that really shouldn’t concern them in the slightest. They want to control your emotions, thoughts and behaviors. The funny thing is they may accuse everyone else of being controlling, including you!!

Is Controlling Behavior Ruining Your Twin Flame or Soulmate Relationship
Is Controlling Behavior Ruining Your Twin Flame or Soulmate Relationship?


A controlling twin flame or soulmate will also be in charge of when you’re intimate and how much time you spend together. They will punish you in some way, shape or form if things don’t go their way. In addition, they’ll make you feel guilty, when you really are guilty of nothing whatsoever. They expect gratitude and appreciation for everything they do for you. However, everything you do for them won’t really count and you won’t get credit for it.

A controlling twin flame or soulmate will have no respect for your privacy at all. All relationships need to have transparency. But they also need to have trust as well. If you have given them no reason to suspect you of wrongdoing, you should be able to earn their trust and have a certain level of privacy within the relationship. If you can’t earn their trust due to know fault of your own, the relationship stagnates. It does not have the foundation to really grow.

A controlling soulmate or twin flame will also be a bully. They won’t take no for an answer and will wear you down until you decide it’s easier to just give in. They will also be your judge, jury and executioner. You will be presumed guilty rather than innocent. Of course they’ll punish you for anything you have done wrong, real or imagined.

If a waiter or waitress pays too much attention to you, somehow you will get the blame and the punishment, as if you started it or encouraged it. They will criticize you openly or under the guise of teasing you. If you tell them you don’t appreciate it, they will say it was a joke. So then they get mad at you or accuse you of being too sensitive. However, if you do it to them they have the right to be angry or hurt.

If your partner using controlling behavior, you have two choices.

You can either let them control your life or take control of your own life back. Keep in mind they won’t want to give the control up without a fight. This is an issue worth fighting for. Someone who is as out of control as they are should not be controlling anyone else’s life. They need focus on getting their issues in order and leave you be. You are both adults and should have the free will to make up your own minds and do what you feel is right.


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  1. Mt soulmates controlling behavior is really causing major issues. Yet they keep accusing ME of being the control freak!


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