Can You Win Your Soulmate or Twin Flame Back?

Can you win your soulmate or twin flame back?

Do they refuse to speak to you because of an argument or disagreement? Have you done something to cause your soulmate or twin flame to break-up with you?

Have they gone so deep into denial they cut off your relationship without any real warning? Is there a way you can win your soulmate or twin flame back when they turn their back on your connection, love, and relationship?

There is no universal answer to this question. It differs with every spiritual connection.


Some people think the more they do, and the harder they try, eventually their partner will return. Sorry folks, but that isn’t always true. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can’t win them back. It’s simply not within your power.

If they want to separate from you, there’s nothing you can do about it. Only they can decide to get back together with you. You can’t force them to. There’s nothing you can do or say that will set a light bulb off in their head if they’re dead set against it.

Don’t bother trying to win your soulmate or twin flame back with some sort of spell as that comes with severe karmic implications. Besides reuniting spells are just a scam.

Sometimes you just have to give them space and time. You have to give them the amount of time and space they need, not what you need. This may be part of their spiritual path they may have to travel alone. Good things can really come of this time apart. A break between soulmates and twin flames often is just what the relationship needs.

Can You Win Your Soulmate or Twin Flame Back?
Can You Win Your Soulmate or Twin Flame Back?

If you’ve done something really bad, chances are you may have to give them a considerable amount of time before they’ll even be open to the idea. But if you’ve done nothing, or they’re using something stupid or small as an excuse, nothing you can do or say can bring your soulmate or twin flame back.

They’re in runner mode. Your best course of action is to stand still. Don’t bother trying to get them to return just now. Do not become a soulmate or twin flame chaser. It’s an epic waste of time and causes more damage as well.


The more you try to get someone to return when they are running away, the faster and further they will run. You will only make things worse and prolong things if you try to win them back right now. They need to go it alone for the moment.

Their emotions, not their logic, overtook them. Yes, this is very difficult to deal with. The impulse to chase them will be very strong. But here is where a lesson is presenting itself to you.

Let go of the desire to control them, and practice self-control. Your spiritual partner is having a crisis of faith right now. Why mirror them with your own crisis of faith? How can you expect or want them to have faith in your connection when clearly you don’t? If you’re chasing them, or trying to reason with them, you’re coming from a place of fear, not faith.

Your spiritual counterpart couldn’t handle their emotions, which created fear in them. This is what they’re reacting to. Give them some time to let their emotions die down. Then they will think more clearly. Allow them get under control before you even think of having a serious conversation with them.

Until they understand what they did how can they help you understand it? How can they change it? They can’t. Not until they address it themselves. And if you try too hard to get answers from them, you will force them to lie and make stuff up. They cannot, or will not, articulate what they’re going through internally right now. Wait until they can.


If your partner is screwing your relationship up all the time, why would you bother trying to win them back? If they have another person in their life, refuse to step up to the plate, keep breaking up with you or sabotage your relationship, that’s their mess to fix.

They should be the one trying to win YOU back.

And if you keep doing what they should be doing, your relationship is only headed for more problems down the road. If they broke it, let them fix it. Again, here is your lesson presenting itself to you. Stop cleaning up their messes. Stop being the only one putting energy in the relationship. And stop preventing them from learning lessons by doing all the work for them.

Don’t help them do their job and don’t make it easy on them. It took a lot of time, energy and effort to screw things up, so let them use even more time, energy and effort into trying to win you back.

You may want to win your soulmate or twin flame back, but sometimes the timing isn’t right.

It might be that presently they’re not open to it. It’s times like these where doing nothing is the best thing. Waiting may seem like a waste of time to you, but it’s actually trying to win someone back when they’re resistant that is really the waste of your time.

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