Are Soulmates and Twin Flames Meant to Be?

Meant to be often gets confused with meant to meet.

The universe allows soulmates and twin flames to meet. The higher powers be decide where and when they come together. But it’s up to the couple if they make it long term. It’s also up to the couple to define the quality of their relationship.

So, are soulmate and twin flame relationships meant to be?

To a certain degree, yes they are. The connection between the two souls is meant to be. But it’s always for a reason. That reason is not just to have a romantic relationship.

The relationship you have with your soulmate or twin flame is based upon your ability to learn and grow from lessons that present themselves. If either of you fail to learn, grow, and evolve, the relationship becomes unhealthy.

Drama and dysfunction cause a lot of pain and heartache. But if both of you embrace the opportunity to grow as individuals, and go further along your spiritual journey, the relationship is positively amazing.


The Universe creates the connection as well as the reasons behind it. And they will support the connection and meeting of the two souls. But what becomes of the connection, after the meeting, is not the universe’s responsibility. This is the part that’s not meant to be.

There are some beliefs that melodrama and bad behavior in some spiritual relationships are part of the process. It’s not true, because they don’t have to be.

Are Soulmates and Twin Flames Meant to Be?
Are Soulmates and Twin Flames Destined to Be?

The choices each soulmate or twin flame makes will create the outcome for the relationship . These choices also create the positive or negative dynamic of the relationship.

We’ve spoken to, and heard from, hundreds of thousands of soulmates and twin flames over the decades. Yes, there are numerous couples who have no major drama or issues in their relationship. They’re willing to face the challenges, overcome obstacles and learn their lessons. The couple doesn’t fight the process. They manage to change and evolve on their spiritual path. Although their relationships aren’t perfect, they’re not melodramatic messes either.

There’s no cheating, no going back to exes and no break-ups. Neither of them deny or abuse their connection. But it’s not meant to be that way for them. They make it work out beautifully. They reap the rewards for their hard work and efforts.

The Universe gives all spiritual connections an opportunity to work out. Any failures are due to the individuals in the soul connection, not some mystical force beyond their control.


A spiritual relationship needs spiritual behavior to drive the relationship forward. Faith and love must be part of the soulmate or twin flame journey. Having faith and love helps the relationship stay on course. And any deviation from that course will cause chaos.

The Universe supports spiritual couples who do the right things. They will aid wherever they can. But the Universe won’t support any relationship that’s full of lower level behaviors and lack of faith.

Why would they?

It’s not theirs to fix. So if you want the Universe’s help and guidance, you have to get on board first.

It’s truly amazing to be a part of a spiritual connection. Soulmates and twin flames are rare and a gift from the universe. There’s no comparison to the deep feelings, level of intimacy and understanding they share. How can you not believe a higher power creates a union like this once you experience it for yourself?

Never lose faith in your spiritual connection. Through that faith you will find the strength you need to do all you can to honor your connection and keep the relationship harmonious.

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  1. I believe meeting your soulmate is meant to be, but not the drama. A higher power does not create drama, people do.


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