Stalking Through Social Media for Soulmates and Twin Flames

Stalking your soulmate or twin flame through social media is quite common.

People stalk every photo, every like, comment and interaction.

Many people will even set up fake accounts to stalk their partner because they don’t want anyone knowing what they’re up to.

They believe they will find valuable, pertinent information on these social media accounts. Many also believe they can discover what their spiritual partner is hiding on social media profiles.


In some cases, checking your partner’s social media accounts isn’t a bad idea. The one caveat to that is if it’s only done periodically. In many other cases, it’s an epic waste of time.

It can actually do more harm than good. So many social media posts are not reality or the whole story. In many cases it’s complete lies. So are you really gaining anything by stalking through social media? In most cases, you are not.

You’re being both self-destructive and destructive to your spiritual relationship. If your soulmate or twin flame ended your relationship, focus on something else.

Stalking Through Social Media for Soulmates and Twin Flames
Stalking Through Social Media for Soulmates and Twin Flames

You may want to know what they’re up to, but you don’t NEED to. The reason they ended your relationship won’t be found on Instagram. Beside you won’t be able to fix the relationship by what you find online.

They won’t alert their online accounts that they’re coming back to you before they let you know. The only thing you will discover on their social media accounts are the stupid things they are doing, posting and liking.  You don’t need that information. You may want that information, but you don’t need it.

Do you really need to see the latest pictures of their family, friends or dinner? No. But you want to, don’t you?

Well, you need to stop.

This is not what you should be doing during your time apart. During separation periods you’re supposed to work on your issues and address them. The universe doesn’t want you to live your life by watching theirs. It’s counterproductive and will get you nowhere. And… it’s an epic waste of your time.


If they’re not coming back, stalking your soulmate or twin flame keeps you from moving on. If they are, you haven’t done the work you need to do to make the relationship better. You haven’t evolved to a better version of yourself.

All you’re doing by watching their every move, is keeping yourself weak, over-emotional, and depressed. It’s causing you to dwell on them which keeps the energy stuck.

What your spiritual counterpart is doing without you doesn’t matter. It only matters when they come back. If they aren’t in your life, don’t make your life revolve around them. Make it revolve around YOU.

If your soulmate or twin flame is presently in your life, it’s not a bad idea to randomly check their social media accounts. People like to stir up trouble and someone may be out to get in the way of your relationship. So a periodic check here and there is no big deal.

But if you’re stalking their accounts, getting pissed off every time their ex, or some other member of the opposite sex, has any interaction with them, you need to stop. If they give you so much reason to be that suspicious or insecure, you need to deal with those reasons.

So stop spending so much time on their social media accounts. You will never solve the problem that way.


Social media often causes more harm than good in people’s lives. Folks tend to overanalyze everything they see, and also believe it is somehow real.

We can’t tell you how many times clients tell us they see a picture of their partner smiling in a picture, so they must be happy. Are you serious? Name one person you know that doesn’t smile when their picture is being taken. Other than mugshots, everyone smiles when their picture is being taken. At least most people attempt to look happy.

So where does a smile in a picture mean squat? Apparently to those stalking their soulmate or twin flame on social media, it means a lot. Well, in reality it doesn’t mean a thing.

So don’t believe everything you see on social media. Believe more in the words and actions of your spiritual partner. It all starts there. That is where your focus should lie.

Stay away from the social media and pay closer attention to the reality of your relationship.

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