Self-Entitlement in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

Many times we see self-entitlement in soulmate or twin flame relationships.

Because of the strong spiritual connection either party may have a sense of entitlement. This often translates to one of them “getting away with murder“.

Some think that no matter what they do or say, the connection will keep the relationship together. They rely on the connection between them as a “get out of jail free card” and use it. A lot.

This is simply not true and has cost more than one soulmate or twin flame couple their relationship.

Self-Entitlement in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships
Self-Entitlement in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships


A connection exists between soulmates and twin flames. But at a certain point self-entitlement can create dysfunction and chaos. When the connection is used against one partner, the relationship becomes very one-sided.

Self-entitlement between soulmates and twin flames can be worse than in regular mundane relationships. This of course, makes it harder to deal with.

It’s very easy to feel your whole world revolves around your spiritual partner. This is actually quite normal. But when it revolves around only one of you, the other feels very left out. There has to be a balance in all relationships, including spiritual relationships, if they’re going to work out in the long run.

When you meet your soulmate or twin flame make sure you don’t go too far overboard and leave yourself behind. Allow your partner to do as much for you as you do for them. If they aren’t, you need to pull back on your efforts.


Self-entitlement in soulmate and twin flame relationships also occurs due to the extreme emotions involved in your connection. Anyone in a spiritual relationship experiences emotional highs and lows. So when you have arguments, the partner with a sense of self-entitlement can hit below the belt. Way, way, WAY below the belt.

The things soulmates and twin flames can do to one another, especially in the beginning of the relationship, are shocking. Not all couples go through this, but some couples do.

Self-Entitlement in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships
Self-Entitlement in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

Very often one will recognizes the connection right away and is more comfortable with it than the other. The other partner will act out, flip-flop, or even run. The one who recognizes the connection often chases after them, and wants to talk to them about the connection.

This rarely, if ever creates a harmonious relationship.

What it actually creates is self-entitlement.

The one causing pain sees how much the other is willing to put up with and that they’re always forgiven. Then they feel entitled to push the boundaries and repeat bad behavior.

They feel a sense of self-entitlement that no matter what they do, their partner will always be there for them. Bad idea. Real bad idea. This is NOT what you want your partner to learn. Why? Because any relationship without boundaries has no choice but to become dysfunctional down the road.

Nothing is more miserable than a dysfunctional relationship, so be careful. If you see self-entitlement issues in your relationship, it’s time to address them. Not by talking, but by putting your foot down and keeping it down.

Action, not words, are the remedy for self-entitlement issues in soulmate and twin flame relationships. So don’t bother having long discussions about it. Your words won’t give them a feeling of self-entitlement, your actions do. This is obviously what has to change.

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