Playing the Victim in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

Playing the victim can still happen in soulmate and twin flame relationships.

We all play the victim at one point or another, but does your spiritual partner have a victim mentality?

Do you always have to apologize because they blame you for everything? Are you tired of defending yourself because you can’t seem to do what’s right?

If your soulmate or twin flame is playing the victim too often, you may need to point it out to them. You may also need to change the way you react and respond when they go into victim mode.


For instance, your spiritual counterpart continually makes excuses for their poor choices or mistakes. People who play the victim don’t like to accept personal responsibility for anything. It’s always the fault of someone else, something else or something beyond their control.

They simply don’t want to say “I screwed up”. So when your soulmate or twin flame does this, stop accepting their excuses.

Let’s say your partner is late for a date. If their excuse is that there was an accident on the freeway, don’t just shrug it off. Instead, say “Well, we have all been caught in traffic sometimes.” You’re at least letting them know this isn’t about THEM.

Then casually mention that the lesson to learn here is to allow extra time. If they don’t like it, who cares. You’re simply stating fact.

Playing the Victim in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships
Playing the Victim in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

If they constantly tell you about all the people who have done them wrong, don’t act overly sympathetic. Don’t feed into it. Why? Eventually you’ll join the ranks with those people.

Keep in mind you’re also missing the other half of the story. While there may be a slim chance that many people are mistreating them, more than likely they play their part in all of it.

Start turning the conversation to what they can learn from this experience. Point out that since this seems to happen so often they need to ensure it doesn’t keep happening. Ask them what they can do, and what’s in their power, to take control of the situation. This at least brings the focus back on them taking some responsibility. This way you’re not feeding their victim mentality.


If your soulmate or twin flame keeps pointing out over and over all you do wrong, because they hold grudges, put a stop to that too. Let them know that if you forgive them for their wrongs, it’s time they let yours go too. If they don’t, they’re holding your relationship back. Put the responsibility for that back on them.

If you know you have done all you can to apologize, yet they won’t let it go, tell them they may need professional help if the relationship is to continue. Tell them at this point it’s out of your control.

You have done all you can, and although you wish you could help them, you can’t. They won’t like this at all. This it will be a huge step in teaching them that you’re no longer going to be the bad guy all the time.

Remember, even soulmates and twin flames can try to put the blame on you. It doesn’t mean you have to accept it. Don’t let them always play the victim at your expense.

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