Searching for Your Soulmate or Twin Flame

Are you searching for your soulmate or twin flame?

Do you wonder when your soulmate or twin flame is going to finally show up?

You are not alone.

People call us and say they’re searching for their soulmate or twin flame. They want us to locate their soulmate or twin flame for them.

We can’t do a soulmate or twin flame reading to find them. We can’t tell anyone exactly when they will meet their soulmate or twin flame. The universe keeps certain information to themselves.


When your soulmate or twin flame enters your life is not predetermined. It’s based on divine timing. The course both of your lives are taking, and the choices you both make, can change the timing of your meeting. So really it’s based on your actions and decisions rather than a linear time frame.

It’s also not about just one person being ready, the timing has to be right for both of you. You’re better off doing a scavenger hunt, because you’re wasting your time.

You’re not required to search for your soulmate or twin flame. The universe is not going to waste their time creating soulmate and twin flame couples and never give them the chance to meet. Unless you hide in your house, and never go out in public, the universe will bring you together when the time is right.

You may believe the time is right now and are bored with the losers you keep meeting. Unfortunately we don’t get to decide when our soulmates or twin flames show up.

Searching for Your Soulmate or Twin Flame
Searching for Your Soulmate or Twin Flame


The funny thing is, people tell us they aren’t even looking for their spiritual partner when they appear in their lives. Their soulmate or twin flame comes at the perfect time. There was no active search looking for them.

This is truly the reality of the situation. They show up when you aren’t looking. Whether you’re searching for your soulmate or twin flame, or don’t even know what one is, if the universe has one for you, they will cross your path. This is the main reason why you don’t have to overdo it.

It’s fine to put yourself out there. If it feels like a chore, then stop doing so much to make it happen. Since it’s not up to you, leave it to the universe. If you want the divine spark of a soulmate or twin flame, then you have to accept divine timing as well.

If you can’t, then your control issues or impatience may be something you need to work on. Having control issues shows you may not be as ready as you think.


We cannot tell you how many times we’ve spoken to bitter, nasty, yelling people who are angry with the universe. They’ve been searching endlessly for their soulmate or twin flame and haven’t found them. They believed they were ready and deserving.

So now they’re extremely pissed off. Since they didn’t get what they want, when they wanted it, now they’re furious.

Remember Varuka Salt in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? They were just like her and yet expected the universe to give in to their negativity, nastiness, entitlement and bullying to bring forth their spiritual partner. Sorry, but that’s not how it works.

It’s understandable to be a bit frustrated and angry, but we’re talking about those that go to the extreme. So if you keep actively searching for a soulmate or twin flame and aren’t finding one, it could easily go to that extreme.

It’s one thing to date in hopes of finding your spiritual partner and being open to the possibility. But it’s another to not be able to enjoy your life at all and have that search be all consuming.

You want your soulmate or twin flame to enter your life, not give you a life. That’s not their job. So have a life and enjoy it, stop searching and trying so hard.

All you really have to do is allow it to happen, and it will.

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