Stages of Twin Flame Relationships

There are several stages of twin flame relationships.


Understanding these stages of twin flame relationships will help your on your twin flame journey.

The stages of twin flame relationships vary from couple to couple. Not every twin flame couple will experience all these different phases in their relationship. Likewise, not all twin flame couples go through them in sequential order.

Some couples can simultaneously experience more than one stage at a time.

Stage 1: Yearning for a twin flame

This stage is completely unnecessary. Many twin flames don’t even know what a twin flame is prior to meeting them. And you don’t need to yearn for a twin flame in order for the universe to orchestrate the meeting between you.

Divine timing and divine intervention are in charge of when you meet your twin flame, so you need not do anything on your part. They are coming when the time is right according to the universe.

There are some people, however, who actively put it out to the universe they’re ready for a twin flame, so this stage does apply to them.

Stage 2: First encounter

This will be an unforgettable first encounter. Something is happening, that’s out of this world, and you both know it. Prepare to be swept off your feet and to get weak in the knees. Many first encounters clearly show the universe have a hand in it. Neither of you would have been at the same place at the same time, if not for some strange reason.

For instance, you may really hate parties and tend to avoid them at all costs. However, your friend needs a ride to a party so you agree to take them. But you decide in advance you’re not staying. You prepare to leave and drive off when your car suddenly dies. Your friend asks people at the party to help get your car started. And guess who offers to help? Exactly, your twin flame.

Stage 3: Bliss, also known as the honeymoon phase

In the beginning, you simply can’t get enough of each other. Your first encounter may last for hours, if not days. Things will move quickly and there will be a strong desire to spend tons of time together. You realize you’re living in a state of perpetual bliss. You are both be on cloud nine. Both of you are anxious to learn everything about each other as quickly as possible. This stage usually lasts until phase number 4.

Stage 4: Obstacles emerge

There are so many obstacles that can get in the way of a twin flame relationships growth. These obstacles are almost always learning or growth opportunities. How the couple responds to these obstacles creates the dynamic of the relationship going forward.

If the couple chooses to avoid these lessons and growth, the relationship suffers. If the lessons are learned and growth achieved, the relationship gets stronger.

Stages of Twin Flame Relationships
Stages of Twin Flame Relationships

Stage 5: Tests, tests and more tests.

When you’re learning a lesson at school, you take a test to make sure you truly learned it. The same thing applies to twin flame relationships. You learn lessons by the obstacles that present themselves during your twin flame journey.

To pass these tests you must use what you have learned and apply it. If you don’t, those lessons will be repeated over and over again. This is why you and your twin flame may keep having the same problems and arguments all the time. In order to stop the cycle, you need to pass these tests.

Stage 6: Separation phase – runner and chaser stage

Not all twin flames go through a separation phase of course, but many do. During this time one may become a runner and the other a chaser. This dynamic can go on for years, which is heartbreaking.

The relationship doesn’t evolve and considerable damage is involved. It’s very difficult to change this pattern, so it’s best to address it properly, by creating and enforcing boundaries, right away.

Stage 7: Surrendering

The surrender stage is not about abandoning your twin flame, although there are some folks who think so. It’s not about walking about from your twin flame journey. This is all about  surrendering to the universe and the divine. Now is when you accept this sacred spiritual connection to another soul. This is when you release the desire to control it or your twin flame.

Stage 8: Unity

When twin flames are ready to accept their connection and all it entails, they are ready for twin flame union. They are aware of the divine within themselves and within each other. There is balance and harmony in their relationship. Telepathy, empathy and synchronicity between them grows and becomes stronger. In this stage, you support each other and achieve oneness and unity.

How are you  dealing with the stages of your twin flame relationship? Please take a moment to comment below to share your experiences with other readers of our article. 

2 thoughts on “Stages of Twin Flame Relationships”

  1. I want to address stage 2, first encounter.
    I woke one morning with a fire in my belly to cross the border into Mexico. I packed my trailer, got my 2 dogs and drove 3 days to a town in Sonora, Mexico I had only read about a few months earlier. Many things fell into place and 3 weeks later my American neighbors introduced me to a local man…my twin. So when the Universe is ready, it will make the meeting happen.


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