The Purpose of Twin Flame and Soulmate Relationships

The purpose of twin flame and soulmate relationships is more than a spiritual romance. The purpose of twin flames and soulmates is not so they can act out and create melodrama. Yes, these spiritual connections can be tough. However, just how tough they will be is entirely up to the couple.


Twin flames and soulmates meet on the other side, prior to incarnating, or being born. Before we’re born our souls have meetings with our guides and members from our soul family. This is where we determine the life lessons we will learn during the upcoming lifetime.

Our soul family are the souls who travel with us throughout all of our incarnations on Earth. We will have real earthbound relationships with these souls over and over again. We come down together to experience life, learn and evolve before our final reunion on the other side.

There is a purpose to each and every lifetime we experience.

We may incarnate at the same or different time periods, depending on the nature of the relationship. If it’s to be a romantic relationship we will usually incarnate during the same generation.

Since we travel with these souls through time, when we physically meet there is a sense of familiarity. We experience a feeling of already knowing that person.

There’s a subtle recognition when we encounter one of the souls with whom we travel through lifetimes. That recognition should also come with a flashing billboard announcing Major Life Lesson Incoming. You can rest assured, when you meet one of them, spiritual growth comes with that relationship. These life lessons may be difficult.


The real purpose of twin flame and soulmate relationships is for spiritual and personal growth.

Let’s say, for example, you need a life lesson in patience. This is truly one of the most difficult lessons to learn. So don’t lose heart when experiencing life lessons in patience.

On the other hand, your partner needs a lesson in learning how to receive unconditional love. Both of you agree to provide these lesson to each other, in one way or another, when you create your soul’s blueprint.

You create soulmate and twin flame contracts or agreements to provide these opportunities for spiritual growth. During the course of the relationship both parties will be confronted with their lessons. These are their individual tests.

To pass, they must rise above the challenge. You would have to learn to have more patience with your partner and in general. They will have to allow themselves to receive unconditional love. Until you each pass these tests, they will repeat.

This is why the same issues comes up over and over again with soulmates and twin flames. There are consequences when these tests are failed. This is usually at the expense of the quality of the relationship.

The Purpose of Twin Flame and Soulmate Relationships
The Purpose of Twin Flame and Soulmate Relationships

The purpose of twin flame and soulmate relationships is the perfection of your soul.

Your souls need these life lessons in order to evolve to the next level. As a couple you agree to have these life lessons with one another before coming down to Earth. You agree to be in each other’s lives for that purpose.

It is your karmic duty to fulfill and complete your soul contracts and provide the lessons you each need in your individual soul evolution. If you don’t, expect some bad karma.

Not all couples can learn their lessons together. Some must separate because of too much enabling. The excuses and enabling deteriorate the relationship to a critical point.

If you and you and your soul partner break up, don’t lose all hope. This is a very common occurrence when a couple deviates off their spiritual path. It’s during that period of separation, and the resulting sadness, depression and in some cases obsession, that you learn these lessons. After lessons are learned, soulmates and twin flames often reunite.

Don’t worry about what is going on with your partner. Try not to dwell on the break up itself. Both of you need to work on yourselves, not obsess about the other.

Your relationship became so dysfunctional that it ended and you need to know why. Look at what went wrong and your role in it. What should you have done differently? Ask yourself what you would have done if this was someone other than a twin flame or soulmate.

Uncover your life lessons and make the changes necessary. Changing yourself will change the relationship. Without change on both sides, when you reunite you’re bound to break up again.

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