Empathic Connection Between Soulmates and Twin Flames

The empathic connection between soulmates and twin flames can be a double-edged sword.

Empathic connections in soulmate and twin flame relationships can be the most challenging part of the relationship.

Soulmates and twin flames often have a hard time dealing with the intensity of their emotions. Then when you add an empathic connection between them, it can easily cause unnecessary heartache, drama, and misunderstandings. This is not the intention of an empathic connection.


Empathy is a gift to enrich the soul connection between soulmates and twin flames. But often, it becomes for many, what feels like a curse. Most people we speak with, or who write to us, express how the emotions they’re experiencing are difficult. They’re not ready, or strong enough, for the tidal waves of emotion, both good and bad.

Empathic connections between soulmates and twin flames allow them to feel each other’s emotions. This of course will vary from couple to couple as no two relationships are the same.

This can be very inconvenient, especially since you have no control over when it happens. Someone can be in the middle of a joyous event, yet suddenly be overcome with such sadness they feel like crying. And then actually begin crying!

Now, before you question your sanity, or emotional state, understand this is normal when you share empathy with someone. Don’t try to rationalize it or come up with a reason you should feel emotions that don’t belong to you. When you do so, all you’re doing is adding to those feelings. And that can be emotionally debilitating.

Empathic Connection Between Soulmates and Twin Flames
Empathic Connection Between Soulmates and Twin Flames

It takes some practice. You must to train yourself to accept the message you’re being given. Try not to allow yourself to be overcome by it. Create a mantra for yourself, such as “this does not belong to me” when the feelings first start.


After some practice you will be able to keep a certain distance from these emotions coming at you out of nowhere. From there you can use this as a tool to gain further insight and understanding towards your partner.

When couples are intune with one another their relationship is more compassionate, understanding and supportive. They know when to reach out and when to offer a hug or shoulder to cry on. It’s another way to give support for their soulmate or twin flame when they need them.

An empathic connection between soulmates and twin flames is still strong even when the couple is separated by continents. It also can remain during a break-up. Spiritual partners don’t have to be together to share the emotions of one another. This can be a big help when they’re apart.

Sharing empathy can provide deeper insight into their partner when they can’t be their physically. It can also give them the validation that the relationship is not truly over and that a chance of reconciliation may be coming soon.

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