On-Off Relationships for Soulmates and Twin Flames

On-off relationships are quite common. Come to think of it, most soul connection partners have on-off relationships.

One of the main reasons for these on-off relationships is the pull which draws a couple back together after a break-up. The connection is so strong that they gravitate towards one another, like two giant magnets. They try to stay apart but something triggers them and it’s difficult to move on.


Soulmates and twin flames give each other more chances to help the relationship move forward than they would anyone else. The unique connection causes them to believe they can’t get closure unless they try everything to get the relationship on track.

Another reason for on-off relationships is because one or both in the couple is a runner. Some runners only run once, but for others it’s like a swinging door. They run out of fear or because they’re in denial about the connection.

When a couple spends time apart, many come to terms with the connection. Then they return because they’re now ready to give the relationship their all. The runners, who run over and over, stay away only as long as they think they can get away with it. They don’t want their spiritual partner to move on. Runners keep coming back to make sure their partner doesn’t get the chance to do so. The more they run, the longer they will stay away the next time.

On-Off Relationships for Soulmates and Twin Flames
On-Off Relationships for Soulmates and Twin Flames


Another reason for on-off relationships for soulmates and twin flames is due to a third party. Sometimes, during an “off” period, they run to another person. Or they may stay in a bad relationship they haven’t ended. They will use the on-off pattern as a game to keep both the spiritual partner, and other relationship, in their life. This creates a love triangle which is a very unhealthy dynamic.

They create this chaos to avoid doing what they should be doing, which is ending the relationship. Unfortunately their spiritual partner often enables them. This is very hard to fix and there’s no quick fix either. If you let your soulmate or twin flame pull this stunt one too many times, don’t expect it to change by itself. They will keep doing this on-off nonsense for as long as you will allow it.

On-off relationships will never really go anywhere but downhill. They don’t have a chance to grow and evolve into a stable relationship. There comes a point where the on-off relationship reaches a breaking point. The one being left has to make changes to their behavior and reactions to the constant back and forth. If they don’t, the relationship is doomed.

When the on-off pattern of a spiritual relationship becomes predictable and deeply set, it can take years to fix. There is no quick fix for an on/off relationship. It took a long time to make this mess, it’s going to take a long time to fix it.

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