Is Your Soulmate or Twin Flame Not Sure of Their Feelings?

Your soulmate or twin flame is not sure of their feelings. Why?

When soulmates and twin flames meet, the level of emotion that surfaces is off the chart.

Think about it, how often in life do you experience a new feeling or new level of emotion? How rare is that?

When soulmates and twin flames meet, emotions are now out of control and taking over.


Over the course of our lives we learn how to handle our anger, jealousy and depression. We learn how to manage almost every other emotion. Well some of us better than others in that regard.

It’s a process that takes time and experience. When it comes to the emotion soulmates and twin flames experience, there’s nothing for them to draw from. It’s all uncharted territory.

Perhaps they’ve heard or read this could happen to them. But when it does, it seems unreal. Logically, it makes no sense. They wonder what’s happening and why they’re experiencing such intense warmth and magnetism.

So is it any wonder there’s some confusion about how they feel? It’s not just men who get confused. Women often have the same reaction and can be overwhelmed by feelings for their spiritual partner.

When a soulmate or twin flame is not sure of their feelings, the relationship can take a serious downturn. They may flip-flop between denial and attempts to use logic to get a better understanding.

In one instance everything can be going great and then out of the blue they announce they’re not sure of how they feel.

Is Your Soulmate or Twin Flame Not Sure of Their Feelings?
Is Your Soulmate or Twin Flame Not Sure of Their Feelings?

Wait a minute.

Wasn’t this the same person who was expressing their undying love for you the entire time? Didn’t they just say yesterday how happy they are? Yup, same the same person. The thing is, they’re not unsure of how they feel. They just don’t understand it.


Your spiritual partner may not believe what they’re feeling is real, or that it will last. This strong emotion comes out of left field. Many soulmates or twin flames can assume those feelings may lessen over time. Even if they don’t, they may fear their partner’s emotions don’t match theirs.

We can’t tell you the countless number of times people ask us if their spiritual partner has the same feelings for them! They can’t believe how much they feel themselves. So of course it’s hard for them to believe someone has the same love for them. All of this leads to confusion.

Your soulmate or twin flame may need some time away from you to sort it all out. It’s very difficult to hear them express they’re unsure of their feelings. So then they distance themselves from you.

At this point many people panic, worrying they will never hear from their partner again. They worry their spiritual counterpart’s feelings will vanish during this time apart and the relationship will come to an end.

It’s not up to you to convince your soulmate or twin flame how they feel. It’s also not your job to help them become more aware of your connection. Doing so will only push them further away. Then they will do everything to win that debate with you.

Let them sort out their feelings and the truth will come out in the end.

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