Interference in Relationships for Soulmates and Twin Flames

Interference in relationships for soulmates and twin flames is very common.

When a relationship is forged by destiny, many are shocked by the amount of interference they encounter.

In many cases the interference is a lesson to be learned and dealt with.


For instance, let’s say one member of the relationship has a family that’s very dependent on them. This leaves them very little time or room for a spiritual relationship. Upon meeting a soul partner, their family may try anything to break the couple and stop them from seeing each other.

Of course they won’t admit they’re being selfish. Oh no! They’ll claim it’s because they love them. The universe brought these two souls together to allow them to break the stranglehold their family is holding over them. Unfortunately, this can often result in a power struggle for the couple, rather than dealing with the real issue, which is their family’s hold over them.

Instead of doing what needs to be done, they expect their partner to accept the unhealthy situation being forced upon them. Of course their spiritual partner can clearly see the dysfunctional family dynamics. Yet the other refuses to acknowledge and deal with it.

Instead they’ll make excuses for them or even side with them. Many soulmates and twin flames break up because of family interference in relationships. They often reconcile, but the family hasn’t changed, and the interference starts all over again. This crazy cycle will continue until the lesson is learned and appropriately dealt with.

Interference in Relationships for Soulmates and Twin Flames
Interference in Relationships for Soulmates and Twin Flames


Interference can also come from a soulmate or twin flame’s ex romantic partner. The ex can behave improperly and try to cause a break up in the relationship. Exes can also encourage their children to interfere and cause problems for the couple. A soulmate or twin flame who wants to sabotage their relationship will go back to their ex every time they encounter troubles in their spiritual union.

Exes can often create an on/off relationship for the couple. The spiritual partner is probably not in love with their ex, nor having a problem choosing who they want. It stems from a larger issue and the ex is just a tool of sabotage.

How a person deals with an ex when they’re single is one thing. But when you get into a new relationship, how you dealt with an ex has to change. In any relationship, you should never let a dysfunctional relationship from your past interfere with your current one. Many spiritual couples encounter this type of interference in their relationships.


One partner could have a job that causes a lot of interference. A job that works for a single person doesn’t always work for a couple. They can use every excuse in the book as to why they have to devote so much time to work. It’s a fact that no normal relationship can survive when there’s no quality time given to the relationship.

They may need the money to survive, but don’t they also need a relationship? Many soulmates and twin flames believe they can survive work interference because of their strong connection.

This is not true. A relationship needs both partners to be present, to create memories, and grow together. If they don’t have the time to do that, they grow apart.

There are many different types of interference soulmates and twin flames can encounter. If they stick together, and don’t take it out on each other, they can weather the storm.

5 thoughts on “Interference in Relationships for Soulmates and Twin Flames”

  1. We have had several friends and family members trying to get in between us. They want him back with his ex girlfriend, even though their relationship was toxic and they were on/off for years!

  2. The real question here lies as to whether a twin also did damage to their other half because of this interference. ANd then how much damage did their twin do. and then whether the twin wants to return authentically and has completed healed or just returninng because he or she found out the truth about the interference from family and exes. My twin, she was super toxic and absolutely lied to me about everything about her. I knew it and rejected her but then 8 months later we meet up again. A huge lesson to learn. but in all honesty I don’t know this person at all in the 3d because of her narcissistic ways.

  3. Oh I know this so well so many people tried getting in between me and my twin. His entire family was against us right from the start and caused so much drama!


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