Causing Anxiety in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

Is your soulmate or twin flame causing anxiety in your relationship?

Does your connection bring more stress than joy?

When spiritual partners don’t work together it creates major problems. Soulmates and twin flames can get through anything if they are working as a team. However, when they work against one another other, they create stress and anxiety.

The best person to get advice from, that will understand what you are going through, is your partner. They know how strong the connection between you is. But the connection may have scared them too. If they’ve found a way to deal with it, and you’re having a hard time, ask them for help.

If your emotions feel out of control and that scares you, talk to your soulmate or twin flame about it. They can help you. If you ask people who don’t have a spiritual connection to someone, they won’t understand your experiences. They don’t know why this relationship is causing you anxiety.

Take a look at what’s triggering your fears and anxiety. This will help you discover what’s making you feel so unsettled. Is your soulmate or twin flame is doing or saying something that makes you anxious? There are numerous reasons why they may be doing that and we will address a few below.


Some, but not all, spiritual partners share an empathic connection. This enables you to pick up on each other’s emotions. Most people think this is a great thing for the couple. They have deeper insight into the emotions of their partner. Sounds great? Yeah, it may, but the problem is, not all couples know how to make it work for them. Instead it can actual cause problems.

Causing Anxiety in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships
Causing Anxiety in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

For instance, one member of the couple may be struggling with the connection. So the other member picks up on their emotions. Instead of recognizing their partner is struggling, it causes them anxiety. They don’t know these feelings are from someone else. They believe they’re their own and so they feed into it. Now you have both members of the couple stressing out. This is a recipe for disaster.

Big trouble starts when soulmates and twin flames let the empathic connection lead to a snowball effect. One starts out stressed, angry, or depressed due to their job. So the other partner picks up on it. They don’t know why and now they’re stressed, depressed or angry. Now the original partner picks up the emotions again and they bounce it back and forth. It grows like a snowball would when you roll it around in the snow. It just gets bigger and bigger.


Your soulmate or twin flame may be causing you anxiety because your relationship is currently an unhealthy one. If you let your soulmate or twin flame get away with too much bad behavior it makes sense you feel stressed out and unhappy.

Their bad behavior has led to feelings of insecurity on your part. When your spiritual partner mistreats or disrespects you, it makes you feel as if they don’t care for you the way you care for them.

Once you’re emotionally invested in the relationship you can’t help but feel anxious that it’s only a matter of time before they leave or find someone better. You may worry that they don’t love you anymore. When this is coupled with growing fears, you worry you may lose the love of your life.

These feelings can make you do stupid things and creates instability in your relationship.You may be afraid to voice your opinions, express your feelings or stand your ground due to fear of losing them.

The problem with coming from a place of fear is that we can make things worse by enabling our partner to treat us badly. The relationship will then deteriorate, creates anxiety and the problems just get worse.

Your soulmate or twin flame relationship should not be causing you anxiety.

If it is, it’s a huge red flag that you must address your issues. The longer you both avoid these red flags, the more dysfunctional the relationship becomes. There are lessons associated these red flags, and they should be taken seriously.

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  1. I never had an anxiety problem until I met my soulmate. I thought it would relive anxiety, not cause it.


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