Are You Going Crazy Because of Your Soulmate or Twin Flame?

Are you going crazy because of your soulmate or twin flame?

Have you done everything you can to keep the relationship moving forward to no avail?

You wonder how such an amazing connection has led to this. You thought everything was going to be different this time around. Relationships with spiritual connections are unlike any other. The intensity and bond is present upon the first meeting.

Now you are going crazy wondering if there is a connection between you. You wonder, if you’re with your soulmate or twin flame, why is everything going wrong?

Soulmates or twin flames don’t do things like this to one another, right? Wrong.

Depending on your beliefs, spiritual partnerships are for evolving and growth. We are supposed to learn by self examination. The issues we have with a soulmate or twin flame shines a light on what needs changing. When we don’t learn the lessons, the problems repeat themselves. Then the relationship will surely deteriorate and you will believe you are going crazy. 

What can you do to stop going crazy?

A good way to keep your relationship from driving you crazy is to keep the faith. If you really believe you have found your soulmate or twin flame, keeping the faith will get through you this with the universe’s help.


When you question what they’re doing, or if you’re spiritual partners, you don’t really have faith, do you? If you don’t have the faith needed to sustain your relationship, how can you expect your partner to? When you lose faith in what you have, you lose power you need to get through the bad times.

Are You Going Crazy Because of Your Soulmate or Twin Flame?
Are You Going Crazy Because of Your Soulmate or Twin Flame?

Soulmate and twin flame relationships have a lot of challenges. And you have to draw strength from the connection you share, not break it down. Even if your partner is the one doing the damage, make sure you don’t join them. You may be shocked by how they are behaving and think they have lost their mind. You may also feel as though you are going crazy along with them. Just do your best to keep your emotions from impairing your judgement. 

Always remember these relationships have a purpose.

That purpose is not just so the two of you can have a romance. Lessons present themselves and you need to be aware when they do. Don’t lose focus and get caught up in the drama. Look at what the universe is showing you both.

Separate the lessons. Don’t be too busy worrying about whether or not your soulmate or twin flame will learn theirs. That stops you from addressing your own. When you avoid learning yours, you enable your partner to avoid learning theirs as well.

Let’s say your soulmate or twin flame pulls a disappearing act now and then. First, look at the lessons you both could need to learn. Maybe they have to face problems of insecurity and not run from them. Yours could be that you have to set and enforce boundaries so they understand they can’t keep doing this. 


You actually make it harder for them to learn theirs if you don’t learn yours. If you prevent your soulmate or twin flame from learning their lessons, your behavior contributes to their craziness and dysfunction. Instead, take the time to educate and empower yourself. If you do that, you set the wheels in motion for them to rise to your level.

Don’t let crazy behavior make you question what you know to be true. Don’t obsess about why behave this way. Just chalk it up to them acting irrationally, and let them do it solo. Let them work through what they need to and keep yourself sane.

You know the truth. You know your love and connection is real.  When they question it, they act crazy. When you question it, you will act crazy. There is no way that two crazy people can have a sane relationship. So stop it.

You may need a bit of a pep talk every now and then and seek support. Just don’t talk to people who don’t understand. They cannot understand if they have not gone through this experience themselves. Keep a level head and do what you need to do. Chances are your partner will do the same.

Regardless of how long it may take, you will get through the process a lot easier if you stay centered. You don’t have a choice as to how long it’ll take for your soulmate or twin flame to get it together.  But it’s your choice how you handle it, and what you do while you wait it out.


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  1. This is the most challenging relationship I have ever been in. At times I truly have questioned the connection, as has my partner.


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