Relationship Closure for Soulmates and Twin Flames

Relationship closure for soulmates and twin flames is something many people seek when their relationship runs amok. There often comes a crisis point where it seems the relationship couldn’t possibly work out.

Since soulmates have such high highs, and low lows, the level of drama in these relationships can reach epic proportions. You’d think stuff like this only happens on shows like Dallas or Dynasty. Because of the extreme intensity of emotions between the couple, there is often not a middle ground. They love hard, and fight hard.


Even though they’re spiritual partners, there’s damage done to the relationship when they go at it. Someone has to be brave enough to stand their ground before things get completely out of control.

Seeking relationship closure from a soulmate or twin flame is a very tricky and elusive thing. It’s difficult for someone to understand the levels of tolerance for bad behavior between spiritual couples. They often have the ability to forgive their partner in ways they couldn’t with any other person.

Relationship Closure for Soulmates and Twin Flames
Relationship Closure for Soulmates and Twin Flames

For a soulmate or twin flame to be seeking relationship closure, they really have to be pushed to their breaking point. No one wants to give up on a spiritual partnership. It will be the hardest thing they ever try to do. And more than likely they’ve tried to get closure from them more than once, but it didn’t work. Some people talk of cutting the cord or breaking the connection, but that’s not something you can do.


What you can do is deal with your connection in a different way. Think of it as a short rope tied between the two of you. You feel every move your soulmate or twin flame makes because the rope is short between the two of you. However, if you learn to elongate the rope that ties the two of you together, you don’t feel their every move and the connection. So although it’s still there it doesn’t restrict you as much at all.

You no longer feel the pull because there is so much rope between the two of you. In other words, you can still be tied to your spiritual partner, but it doesn’t have to affect you the same ways it used to. You can have more freedom with your thoughts and your emotions than you thought you ever could.

So, when seeking relationship closure with a soulmate or twin flame, don’t focus on cutting the connection between the two of you. Instead, focus on distancing yourself from the connection between the two of you.

The first step is to limit yourself from dwelling on them and their life. Creating emotional and mental distance takes time. This will not happen overnight, so be realistic. However, the sooner you start the sooner you will reach your goal.

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