Dealing with the Memories of Your Twin Flame or Soulmate

Memories of your twin flame or soulmate can be bittersweet.

For some people, soulmate and twin flame memories bring positive emotions when they remember their connection and time together. They see it as an experience to shape their lives.

Some will also see the opportunities for spiritual growth and evolving to the next level of their existence.


For others, memories of your twin flame or can be heart-wrenching. This prevents them from moving forward with their lives. They live in the past because they feel the constant backwards pull to the time spent with their spiritual partner.

Many will often obsess about the relationship and what coulda, shoulda, woulda been. It’s very difficult to stay on a forward momentum and progress in your life when you separate from your soulmate or twin flame.

Regardless of the reason, many people find it almost impossible to release the hold these memories have over them. They wish they could stop thinking of their spiritual partner.

Being reminded of them time and time again, through reminders the Universe throws out, can lead to depression. As memories come flooding back, peace of mind and emotional fortitude go out the window.


How can the memories of a soulmate or twin flame help someone instead of constantly hurting them? Are there any benefits to those memories? There can be numerous ways they can help, if you use them the right way.

Dwelling on the past, instead of learning from it, is a bad idea. And this keeps you stuck. It’s natural to feel pain when remembering a relationship that didn’t work out. If you and your spiritual counterpart have ended your relationship, don’t let their memory defeat you.

Dealing with the Memories of Your Twin Flame or Soulmate
Memories of Your Twin Flame or Soulmate

Stop focusing only on the good times. If you find only warm, pleasant memories plaguing you, immediately shift your focus to the bad ones.

Don’t romanticize, but remember the entire relationship. Not just the parts that were good. Don’t focus on the lessons they needed to learn, and when or if they ever will. Look back at the changes the relationship made in you.


Did you become someone you didn’t like? Were changes for the worse, even though you did it for love? Did you let them get away with bad behavior? Did you constantly make excuses for them? Were they breaking things, including your heart, all the time but you always had to reach out, apologize, or be the bigger person?

That’s what you should think about when soulmate memories rear their ugly head. Remember who you were before that relationship and how you may have changed for the worse. Focus on going back to who you were before the damage was done.

Detox from the drama, problems and issues. Get your strength, your dignity and your self-respect back. Instead of wondering when or if they will return, worry about them returning to the same old nonsense.

Make the changes you need so that craziness won’t happen again. Learn the lessons and experience the personal growth you needed to embrace either a new spiritual partner or a returning one. Then you can create new and lasting relationships in the future.

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